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Qukes® have joined forces with Football Australia & become the official supporter of MiniRoos.

Qukes® & the MiniRoos are working together to encourage healthy eating choices among active young aussies. Healthy & fresh, Qukes® are the perfect half-time snack ready for eager young athletes, keen for the sporting season.

This unique, interactive partnership aims to educate kids on the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle with Qukes® as the ultimate ‘qrunchy’ fresh sporting snack for athletes both big and small.

Discover more about why Qukes® are in locker rooms across the country.

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commbank Matildas Tameka Yallop and Emily Gielnik and miniroos make the ultimate half-time snack
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Just like the MiniRoos, Qukes® are paving the way for healthy, active kids. They are naturally the perfect snack size portion that also doubles as a source of folate and Vitamin C with high water content.

  • High water content with mineral salts like potassium and magnesium for hydration  
  • B Vitamins for energy metabolism  
  • Hand held, portable and no waste 
  • Contains vitamin C and zinc 
  • Keep a pack in your bag to curb naughty 3pm cravings - for both children and adults
  • Swap high carb snacks for ideal low kilojoule Qukes®
  • Add sliced Qukes® to plain water for a refreshing flavour boost
Qukes baby cucumbers
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Not just a fresh and healthy half-time snack, Qukes® double as the perfect crunchy recipe ingredient.

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This project is delivered with the support of Rijk Zwaan's, Love My Salad Seed Fund. Read More.

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