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Whether packed into lunchboxes or made into a serious after-school hunger buster, Qukes® baby cucumbers are the ultimate in fresh health snacks the family will love.

We have compiled our favourite lunch box recipes that are time friendly and easy to follow so even your kids can get involved!

Make school lunches fun this year and avoid full lunch boxes returning home.

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Here are 4 of our top picks for your kids lunch box! But you will need to download the eBook to explore more delicious lunch box recipe ideas.

Recipe_LR_Qukes_Quke Star Sandwiches_02_Janelle Bloom_2019

Qukes® Star Sandwiches

- Recipe -

Recipe_LR_Qukes_Funny Face Animal Sandwiches_01_Janelle Bloom_2019

Qukes® Funny Face Animal Sandwiches

- Recipe -

Recipe_LR_Qukes_Quke And Salad Monsters_01_Janelle Bloom_2019-1

Lunchbox Qukes®, Ham and Salad Monster Rolls

- Recipe -

Recipe_LR_Qukes_Solanato_Caterpillars_02_Janelle Bloom_2019

Sally The Sweet Solanato® Tomato &  Qukes® Caterpillar

- Recipe -